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Carbon Fiber Rods, Tubes and Sheets

Carbon Fiber Sheets

65,000 PSI Tensile, 18,600,000 PSI Flex. Mod, 12,500 PSI Sheer Strength, .057 lb/in3, Bi Directional 0/90
2 x 2 Twill Patterns

Carbon Fiber Sheets


Carbon Fiber Tubes

Temperature Range: -100 to +200 F, Flexural Strength: 174,000 psi, Compressive Strength: 128,000 psi
Roll Wrapped Longitudinally Carbon Fiber Tubes .250 to 2.125 OD
Pultruded Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Tubes .125 to .625 OD


Carbon Fiber Rods

20,000 PSI Tensile Strength, 23,000 PSI Flexural Strength
.020" to .625" Diameter


Carbon Fiber Bars
Unidirectional - Carbon Fiber unidirectional laminate is layed up so that all carbon fibers run in 0 direction

Pultruded - Carbon Fiber manufactured from continuous carbon fibers in an vinylester base. Material is extremely stiff and lightweight and has a very low coefficient of expansion. One side of the laminate has been purposely roughened to facilitate bonding to the surface. If bonding on both sides is required, the smooth side should be roughened up with sandpaper. 

HDPE Colored Sheets

Polycarbonate Tubes

Thermoset Phenolics







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