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HDPE Chemical Resistance Chart

S- Satisfactory
U - Unsatisfactory
M - Marginal
N - Not known
Side by Side Material Comparison Chemical Resistance Chart (Note: Large File)

Reagent 70 deg. F
(21 deg. C)
140 deg. F
(60 deg. C)
Acetic Acid 1-10% S S
Acetic Acid 10-60% S M
Acetic Acid 80-100% S M
Acetone M U
Acrylic Emulsions S S
Aluminum Chloride-Dilute S S
Aluminum Chloride Conc. S S
Aluminum Fluoride Conc. S S
Aluminum Sulfate Conc. S S
Alums (All Types) Conc. S S
Ammonia 100% Dry Gas S S
Ammonium Carbonate S S
Ammonium Chloride Sat'd S S
Ammonium Fluoride 20% S S
Ammonium Hydroxide 0.8S S.G. S S
Ammonium Metaphosphate Sat'd S S
Ammonium Nitrate Sat'd S S
Ammonium Persulfate Sat'd S S
Ammonium Sulfate Sat'd S S
Ammonium Sulfide Sat'd S S
Ammonium Thiocyanate Sat'd S S
Amyl Acetate M U
Amyl Alcohol 100% S S
Amyl Chloride 100% N U
Aniline 100% S N
Antimony Chloride S S
Aqua Regia U U
Barium Carbonate Sat'd S S
Barium Chloride S S
Barium Hydroxide S S
Barium Sulfate Sat'd S S
Barium Sulfide Sat'd S S
Beer S S
Benzene M U
Benzene Suffonic Acid S S
Bismuth Carbonate Sat'd S S
Bleach Lye 10% S S
Black Liquor S S
Borax Cold Sat'd S S
Boric Acid Dilute S S
Boric Acid Conc. S S
Bromic Acid 10% S S
Bromine Liquid 100% M U
butanediol 10% S S
butanediol 60% S S
butanediol 100% S S
butyl Alcohol 100% S S
Reagent 70 deg. F
(21deg. C)
140 deg. F
(60deg. C)
Calcium Bisulfide S S
Calcium Carbonate Sat'd S S
Calcium Chlorate Sat'd S S
Calcium Chloride Sat'd S S
Calcium Hydroxide S S
Calcium Hypochlorite RRGH S S
Calcium Nitrate 50% S S
Calcium Sulfate S S
Camphor Oil N U
Carbon Dioxide 100% Dry S S
Carbon Dioxide 100%Wet S S
Carbon Dioxide Cold Sat'd S S
Carbon Disulfide N U
Carbon Monoxide S S
Carbon Tetrachloride M U
Carbonic Acid S S
Castor Oil Conc. S S
Chlorine Dry Gas 100% S M
Chlorine Moist Gas M U
Chlorine Liquid M U
Chlorobenzene M U
Chloroform M U
Chlorosulfonic Acid 100% M U
Chrome Alum Sat'd S S
Chromic Acid 20% S S
Chromic Acid Up to 50% S S
Chromic Acid and Sulfuric Acid S M
Cider S S
Citric Acid Sat'd S S
Coconut Oil Alcohols S S
Cola Concentrates S S
Copper Chloride Sat'd S S
Copper Cyanide Sat'd S S
Copper Fluoride 2% S S
Copper Nitrate Sat'd S S
Copper Sulfate Dilute S S
Copper Sulfate Sat'd S S
Cottonseed Oil S S
Crude Oil S M
Cuprous Chloride Sat'd S S
Cychohexanol S S
Cyclohexanone M U
Detergents Synthetic S S
Developers, Photographic S S
Dextrin Sat'd S S
Dextrose Sat'd S S
Dibutylphthalate S M
Disodium Phosphate S S
Diazo Salts S S
Diethylene Glycol S S
Diglycolic Acid S S
Dimethylamine M U
Emulsions, Photographic S S
Ethyl Acetate 100% M U
Ethyl Alcohol 100% S S
Ethyl Alcohol 35% S S
Ethyl butyrate M U
Ethyl Chloride M U
Ethyl Ether U U
Ethylene Chloride U U
Ethylene Chlorohydrin U U
Ethylene Dichloride M U
Ethylene Glycol S S
Reagent 70 deg. F
(21 deg. C)
140 deg. F
(60 deg. C)
Ferric Chloride Sat'd S S
Ferric Nitrate Sat'd S S
Ferrous Chloride Sat'd S S
Ferrous Sulfate S S
Fish Solubles S S
Fluoboric Acid S S
Fluorine S U
Fluosilicic Acid 32% S S
Fluosilicic Acid Conc. S S
Formaldehyde 40% S N
Formic Acid 0-20% S S
Formic Acid 20-50% S S
Formic Acid 100% S S
Fructose Sat'd S S
Fruit Pulp S S
Fuel Oil S U
Furfural 100% M U
Furfuryl Alcohol M U
Gallic Acid Sat'd S S
Gas Liquids S M
Gasoline M U
Gin S U
Glucose S S
Glycerine S S
Glycol S S
Glycolic Acid 30% S S
Grape Sugar Sat'd Aq. S S
Hexanol, Tert. S S
Hydrobromic Acid 50�/O S S
Hydrocyanic Acid Sat'd S S
HydrochloricAcld 10% S S
Hydrochloric Acid 30% S S
Hydrochloric Acid 35% S S
Hydrochloric Acid Conc. S S
Hydrofluoric Acid 40% S S
Hydrofluoric Acid 60% S S
Hydrofluoric Acid 75% S S
Hydrogen 100% S S
Hydrogen Bromide 10% S S
Hydrogen Chloride Gas Dry S S
Hydrogen Peroxide 30% S S
Hydrogen Peroxide 90% S M
Hydrogen Phosphide 100% S S
Hydroquinone S S
Hydrogen Sulfide S S
Hypochlorus Acid Conc. S S
Inks S S
Lodine (Alc. Sol.) Conc. S U
Lactic Acid 10% S S
Lactic Acid 90�/O S S
Latex S S
Lead Acetate Sat'd S S
Lube Oil S M
Magnesium Carbonate Sat'd S S
Magnesium Chloride Sat'd S S
Magnesium Hydroxide Sat'd S S
Magnesium Nitrate Sat'd S S
Magnesium Sulfate Sat'd S S
Mercuric Chloride Sat'd S S
Mercuric Cyanide Sat'd S S
Mercurous Nitrate Sat'd S S
Mercury S S
Methyl Alcohol 100% S S
Methyl Bromide M U
Methyl Chloride M U
Methyl Ethyl Ketone 100% M U
Methylsulfuric Acid S S
Methylene Chloride 100% M U
Milk S S
Mineral Oils S U
Molasses Comm. S S
Reagent 70 deg. F
(21 deg. C)
140 deg. F
(60 deg. C)
Nickel Chloride Sat'd S S
Nickel Nitrate Conc. S S
Nickel Sulfate Sat'd S S
Nicotine Dilute S S
Nicotinic Acid S S
Nitric Acid 0-30% S S
Nitric Acid 30-50% S M
Nitric Acid 70% S M
Nitric Acid 95-98% U U
Nitrobenzene 100% U U
Octyl Cresol S U
Oils and Fats S M
Oleic Acid Conc. S U
Oleum Conc. U U
Orange Extract S S
Oxalic Acid Dilute S S
Oxalic Acid Sat'd S S
Ozone 100% S U
PerchloncAcid 10% S S
Petroleum Ether U U
Phenol 90% U U
Phosphoric Acid Up to 30% S S
Phosphoric Acid Over 30% S S
Phosphoric Acid 90% S S
Phosphorous (Yellow) 100% S N
Phosphorus Pentoxide 100% S N
Photographic Solutions S S
Pickling Baths    
  • Sulfuric Acid
  • Hydrochloric Acid
  • Sulfuric-Nitric
Plating Solutions    
  • Brass
  • Cadmium
  • Chromium
  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Indium
  • Lead
  • Nickel
  • Rhodium
  • Silver
  • Tin
  • Zinc
Potassium Bicarbonate Sat'd S S
Potassium Borate 1% S S
Potassium Bromate 10% S S
Potassium Bromide Sat'd S S
Potassium Carbonate S S
Potassium Chlorate Sat'd S S
Potassium Chloride Sat'd S S
Potassium Chromate 40% S S
Potassium Cyanide Sat'd S S
Potassium Dichromate 40% S S
Potassium Ferri/Ferro Cyanide Sat'd S S
Potassium Fluoride S S
Potassium Hydroxide 20% S S
Potassium Hydroxide Conc. S S
Potassium Nitrate Sat'd S S
Potassium Perborate Sat'd S S
Potassium Perchlorate 10% S S
Potassium Sulfate Conc. S S
Potassium Sulfide Conc. S S
Potassium Sulfite Conc. S S
Potassium Persulfate Satd S S
Propargyl Alcohol S S
Propyl Alcohol S S
Propylene Dichloride 100% U U
Propylene Glycol S S
Rayon Coagulating Bath S S

S- Satisfactory
U - Unsatisfactory
M - Marginal
N - Not known
Reagent 70 deg. F
(21 deg. C)
140 deg. F
(60 deg. C)
Sea Water S S
Selenic Acid S S
Shortening S S
Silicic Acid S S
Silver Nitrate Sol. S S
Soap Solution Any Conc'n S S
Sodium Acetate Sat'd S S
Sodium Benzoate 35% S S
Sodium Bicarbonate Sat'd S S
Sodium Bisulfate Sat'd S S
Sodium Bisulfite Sat'd S S
Sodium Borate S S
Sodium Bromide Dilute Sol. S S
Sodium Carbonate Con. S S
Sodium Carbonate S S
Sodium Chlorate Sat'd. S S
Sodium Chkoride Sat'd S S
Sodium Cyanide S S
Sodium Dichromate Sat'd S S
Sodium Ferncyanide S S
Sodium Ferrocyanide Sat'd S S
Sodium Fluoride Sat'd S S
Sodium Hydroxide Conc. S S
Sodium Hypochlorite S S
Sodium Nitrate S S
Sodium Sulfate S S
Sodium Sulfide 25% S S
Sodium Sulfide Sat'd Sol. S S
Sodium Sulfite Sat'd S S
Stannous Chloride Sat'd S S
Stannic Chloride Sat'd S S
Starch Solution SaUd S S
Steanc Acid 100% S S
Sulfuric Acid 0-50% S S
Sulfuric Acid 70% S M
Sulfuric Acid 80% S U
Sulfuric Acid 96% M U
Sulfuric Acid 98% M U
Sulfuric Acid, Fuming U U
Sulfurous Acid S S
Tallow S M
Tannic Acid 10% S S
Tanning Extracts Comm. S S
Tartaric Acid Sat'd N N
Tetrahydrofurane N U
Titanium Tetrachloride Sat'd N U
Toluene M U
Transformer Oil S M
Trisodium Phosphate Sat'd S S
Trichloroethylene U U
Urea Up to 30% S S
Urine S S
Vinegar Comm. S S
Vanilla Extract S S
Wetting Agents S S
Whiskey S N
Wines S S
Xylene M U
Yeast S S
Zinc Chloride Sat'd S S
Zinc Sulfate Sat'd S S


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