Santoprene® Products

Santoprene Tubing, Sheets

Highly durable, resistant to fatigue, ozone, ultraviolet, acids, alkalis, oils, lubricants

  • Flex fatigue performance 

  • Extended life cycle performance

  • Material cost savings vs. silicone tubing

  • Good chemical resistance and drug compatibility

Santoprene® Tubing

Santoprene® Sheets

Santoprene® Rods



Santoprene® is a registered
trademark of Advanced Elastomer Systems

Technical Data

Santoprene® Solid Rods  55A Natural

Part # Diameter (in.) Price Per 100 Feet Order Online
KR-3157 1/8 $103.50 Add to Order
KR-3144 1/4 $236.25 Add to Order
KR-3142 3/8 $445.50 Add to Order
KR-3161 1/2 $650.25 Add to Order
Rev. 04-23, 04-22, 03-22


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